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Yeah that's right, we will help with Windows too.
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by: Thebrodingo
Hello. So I recently built my own PC, with these specs;
Ryzen 5 1600
GTX 1060 6GB
DDR4 3200 2X8Gb RAM
MSI B350 Tomahawk

I was wondering if I can use my old, spoiled Macintosh's hard drive (Hard drive works, computer doesnt) that has a slightly older version of OSX on it (older than yosemite or is yosemite, can't remember). I got the information from reddit that I can't use my cpu as it's amd unless I change the kernel. My question is, will I have to change kernel every time when I want to change OS? And if there is a dual OS kernel by any chance, does it have any effect on my computers performance? Thanks in advance.


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by: theskilluminati
You most likely have to reinstall, but i am not sure 100%.
But to anwer your question, you would install mac OS to your old hard drive, and on the drive you would put Clover (the boot loader) in the EFI Partition. Clover will start when you turn your PC on, and then you can select betweeen mac OS and Windows.
Your CPU will work, but you have to patch the mac OS kernel. This is very simple. Basically you just type in two commands and you are ready to go.

dual OS kernel? I dont know what you mean by that, each OS has its own Kernel.
Just put your mac hard drive in your PC, format it using Disk Utility and put mac os on it. Follow the guides here and it wont be too hard, but it is kind of annoying and takes its time.

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