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Yeah that's right, we will help with Windows too.
So i made like 2 different usb drives for hackintosh, and now once i format them the max capity im getting is200mb instead of 32gb ... also one of them completely doesnt show up in my computer , only when im using transmac or ease us.


I always have to re-format the drive with diskpart.

EDIT: Darn, vitolage beat me too it!

Open CMD, type it into the start menu or with Run.
In CMD, type
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list disk
to display all drives connected to your PC.
Figure out which is your USB. If you can't, then open
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in Start, and find out if your USB is labeled Disk 0, Disk 1, etc.....
In diskpart, type
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select <your disk>
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select disk 2
Then type
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. If it gives you an error, type it in again.
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create partition primary
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select partition 1
to select your new partition
Make it active with
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Then your USB should be reset to it's maximum space.
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You can also format the drive again under macOS as a FAT32 drive with the Master Boot Record and Windows will see the full drive.

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