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Yeah that's right, we will help with Windows too.
Never had any warning or error or notification telling me something went wrong, I just noticed a few hours afterwards that my bluetooth icon disappeared. In the process of trying to discover the cause I found that the bluetooth driver was crashing and reinstalling itself like every 3 seconds, making Device Manager almost impossible to navigate since it constantly refreshes when a driver changes. The driver said the hardware was disconnected even though my bluetooth radio chip is built into the motherboard. Basically I looked it up and found nothing really remotely close to my issue, but I tried everything I saw. Of course I reinstalled the drivers, modified the services, uninstalled virtualbox and vmware, etc. but nothing helped. Then I noticed when I plug in a USB drive, it keeps re-initiating as well. i.e. every 5 seconds a notification pops up asking me what I want to do with drive G: or whatever. Even though I'm able to access the drive, clearly there's some kind of service or process running that is messing with those drivers. Maybe they're fighting for control of something with the drivers installed by virtualbox extensions? But I uninstalled all that stuff, and I went through the hidden drivers and manually uninstalled them afterwards too.

I don't really expect anyone to be able to provide an answer and I'm losing patience so I think I'm just going to reinstall windows. I tried a system restore but it has never worked for me. Something just fundamentally wrong with system restore because this current installation is like 4 days old, I haven't even had enough time to mess it up and system restore is already broken, even in safe mode. Anyway I doubt system restore is really thorough enough to solve this problem, frankly I'm worried virtualbox did something to my firmware.

So anyway I'd appreciate any help, but in the meantime it can serve as a warning. It's a TR 1950X on an asrock fatal1ty professional gaming x399 by the way. Has an intel bluetooth/wifi radio module.


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