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by: Shaneee
installshield wrote:
Thu Sep 20, 2018 12:24 am
Good morning gentlemen

After updating the system with this kernel, will it display natively the data of my Rysen 7 1700x in [About this MAC]? Or are you editing this data by force? Thank you so much,

David - Brazil / São Paulo
If you mean the CPU name in About this Mac then look here,


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by: decka
run usb installer, then choose terminal

run This command

kextcache -i /volumes/nameyourDrive


kextcache -u /volumes/nameyourDrive

restart and boot from your drive again
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by: mido_fedo
this kernel solve some problem to me like now clock set right and some videos not working with voice now working good

but still one problem i can't solve it my cpu FX4100 not enter idle mode ever and always run with maximum frequency how can i solve this problem?
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by: Godeek
Shaneee wrote:
Sun Jul 22, 2018 9:02 pm
While waiting on updated xnu sources a couple things have been resolved in the kernel source. Massive thanks to AlGrey for the help.

Kernel Changes:
  • Ryzen bus frequency detection fixed. This fixes the audio issues on APUs.
  • L3 Cache detection fixed for Ryzen.
  • Fix FX L3
  • Fix Ryzen Core/Thread Count
To update the kernel on your current system follow these steps.

Navigate in Finder to /System/Library/Kernels
Rename kernel to kernel.backup
Copy new kernel in place.
Now open Terminal and run this command.
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sudo kextcache -i / && sudo kextcache -u /

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After updating the kernel, I get a black screen….

I have a Nvidia GeForce GT710...
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by: TN9595
I think he claimed that that very kernel files doesn't work with 10.13.6 (page 1)
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