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by: Zool

I am new to the forum and have searched with regards to booting, however, I see that many people are using a partition for this. My question is if I have an OS on two separate drives how can I choose which one I want to boot? Is it the BIOS that detects this and gives me the option to choose before loading the OS?


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by: crokman
Hello @Zool, if you want to install 2 different OS in 2 different HDD, you can do it easily. You need a bootloader to allow you to choose the OS you want to start. It's the same as 2 different OS in 2 partition of the same Hard drive. Of course you have to set your BIOS with the right parameters to allow the right kind of boot.
If you want my personal opinion, you have to install first WIN OS in an HDD and then, following one of the Shaneee's guides, Mac OS in another drive.
At the end of the day it's not as impossible as it seems. You have to follow line-by-line all the steps.
Hope my post will help you!


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