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by: pizza
My specs:

AMD Fx 6300 6 core
Nvidia Gtx 660 (non ti)
8gb Ram
SSD kingstone 120gb
HDD WD 160gb
Creative audigy pro 4
Sierra 10.12.6 installer v5.

I completed the installation without problems, very fast post install, downloaded LAN and audio kext and all works.
There are a lot of choppy animations, lags, and very low performace on benchmark.
I tried to change smbios, but nothing changes.
The UI experience is not good, Windows 10 went 2x better than Sierra and I don't know why.
In about my mac is showed my gpu, my ram and my CPU called unknown with 3.50 ghz.

TY at all of us, and sorry for my bad english, I'm Italian..


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by: vicgregor
It's pretty normal. I don't know if there's an issue like your GTX 660 not properly supported by web drivers and/or native kexts, but anyway in my case with an FX 8300 and a GTX 970 the issue was about CPU bus clock and bus ratio. You need to set them manually because Clover is not able to recognize them properly.

- First, OC your CPU to 3600Mhz and turn on HPC on BIOS, giving it more 0.0125V on vcore should make it pretty stable. You need to do that because of the bus ratio setting that I will be talking on later.
- Second you must check your bus speed (CPU base clock) that I think is the same for all FX processors so it should be 200Mhz but I would check anyway.
- Use clover configurator and open your last saved config file and go to the Boot tab first. Then put in the flag busratio=18. I put it 18 because I believe your bus speed is 200Mhz like mine, so 200Mhz x 18 = 3600Mhz. By the way, the OC above was required because the flag doesn't accept non-integer values.
- Now go on to the CPU tab, and put there your clock speed (3600) and the bus speed. Notice that the bus speed is set in Khz not Mhz, so let's use 200Mhz, it will be set there as 200000.
- Save it and place it on your EFI>Clover folder, boot up using this config and see if it works.
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by: vicgregor
pizza wrote:
Sat Feb 03, 2018 9:35 am
TY I follow your guide and benchmarks are now good!
but the animation are always choppy and laggy.... I don't know what is the problem...maybe my gpu?
Are you using Nvidia Web Drivers? If is, or is not using anything at all, try setting on Clover configurator to inject Nvidia (not web drivers) because it at least seems that 660 are natively supported, HOWEVER, anticipating for you, users have reported that sleep mode won't work properly with this card by any means, so I would recommend you to disable it.
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by: pizza
Hi, TY for your tips,
I'm not using NVDA WEB DRIVERS, and I'have tried to replace my gpu with another NVIDIA but nothing changes.
Where can I disable sleep mode? Maybe it's the problem?
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by: vicgregor
If you changed your gpu to a more recent Nvidia you should then install web drivers and cuda for it to work, and also set on Clover configurator to boot with Web Drivers.

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