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Hi, it's my first time trying to install a macOS on my pc
My problems are when I first go into the boot menu and choose the USB, I meet a different menu of the clover like this
Then when I choose the first option "install macOS from SierraAMD"
I get this errors as I read that its called panic something
Then at last I get this error and after a while the "denied" sign is displayed in the middle of the screen
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Here is my specs
CPU: AMD FX 8320
GPU: AMD 6770 1Gb powercolor edition
Ram: 8 Gb
Mobo: Asus M5A97 R2.0
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What USB port are you using to install with? If you've got USB 3.0 then boot with USB 2.0 and when the scrolling text starts swap to a 3.0 port.

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