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MickeyGP1378 wrote: Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:22 pm Ok so the install finished, I rebooted into USB again, ran the post install commands..... And for some reason when I try to boot from the HDD it just restarts after the +++++++++++++_
You could prolly help me as i keep getting ...macos cannot be installed.

I have an fx 8350 4ghz and ga-970a-ds3p mobo and a sapphire r9 290 4gb trix card and ive done what youve done with them setting.

i used transmac to do the usb stick and plugged into usb 2.0 port pressed f12 and booted under general.
It shows the list and i hit ok to boot sierraAMD. it shows the ***** line then the verabose and gets to the install screen.
I use the utility to wipe the partition im using which is MBR not GPT as it has other windows MBR partition along side it on same hard drive, anyway..

I had mavericks on this partitiion beforehand so surely sierra should work.

i then got it to start the install and got the 15mins remaining but i think it took about 2hrs or so ..and then showed....macos cannot be installed blah blah.

can you tell me what settings you used? did you get to install the operating system fully? how do i manually set flags as i notice that it already had those flags setup as i seen it in the verabose lines of txt.

I tried the usb swapping thing but my usb 3.0 stick didnt light up until i put it back into the usb 2.0 port and hit enter again

please obiwan your my only hope....so far hehe


Did you format the partition as GUID HFS+
no it was originally mbr with mavericks previously so just erased it. only way to format it with guid would be to do it to the whole drive i noticed ..cannot do with a single partition
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hi i seen your link for v5.2 dmg and big thanks...it uses usb 3.0 port and the 15mins counts down to zero and was quick...didnt take 88mins this time and i didnt get cannot install error now...says reboot to finish install but when i do i not there is a... boot from.... and i have mine named sierraOSX but if you select it ....it just reboots
You can't boot from your hard drive you need to do the post install first. You have to boot macOS from SierraAMD again. Here's the tutorial for installation:

It can take up to 4 hours to install depending on what type of port the USB is plugged into, just let the install run and it will finish.
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It can take up to 4 hours to install depending on what type of port the USB is plugged into, just let the install run and it will finish.
Hey I have the same, stuck at 15 min problem but I wanted to ask if it’s normal for the HDD indicator led to not blink during the process, the drive is definitely spinning, but I see no activity indicator.

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Bah, thank you so much, it is fixed now.