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Hello guys,

Yesterday I tried to install sierra with the amd sierra v5 image. I thought the installation went pretty flawless at first.

*) I downloaded the torrent from this site (AMD Sierra v5) and used Transmac to install it to the USB.
*) plugged the usb into an USB 2.0 port
*) changed from SATA to AHCI
*) booted from usb
*) erased exiting partitions
*) create a new one with the name "macOS". I tried both MBR and GPM
*) Install macOS (took about an hour)
*) boot from USB again for the post installation script, which went fine
*) Post Installation script completed

Now here's the thing. According to several tutorials I've read, I should be able to see "Boot macOS from macOS" when I go back into clover to install a bootloader. But it doesn't show this option. I can only boot from SierraAMD.


Computer Specs:
Mainboard: ASUS M5A78L-m/usb3


Did you set your SATA ports to AHCI?
Did you format the partition as GUID Extended Journaled?
just boot off it and see if macOS shows up
Delete clover from efi and install enoch. You can copy the Extra folder from the USB installer to EFI/Extra

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