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I just moved from an i5 3450 to this Ryzen box and wow, the performance improvement is unreal. But I honestly can't STAND Windows, so I mostly just use it for games and have it installed on a 1TB Hard drive. I have an unformatted 64GB SSD I'm waiting to install Mac OS X on, but I'm running into some problems. I have a USB 3.0 flash drive, with the WIndows install image from here burned from Transmac. I also tried burning it from my old system just to see if it mattered. Every time I boot from it, it hangs on accessing it. Curiously, I burned the image to an old SATA hard drive and it booted to the installer in seconds! Except I didn't have USB or PS/2 support. Any ideas on fixing this?


Which version did you download?
Theres V5 and 5.2
Oh, I've been using v5. I feel dumb xD

EDIT: I can't find the 5.2 image anywhere. Will it really fix USB on my board?
Should heres 5.2
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Use a internet download manager
Fenixandthepowermac wrote:The download keeps failing for me at around 4GB in :/
Same thing happened to me. It says Network error then when I retry on Chrome it says no file. I am actually switching operators so I think thats the reason why my speed was low and it decided to time out. I downloaded at my relatives they have Fibre Optic broadband.

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