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Processor: AMD Threadripper 1920x
CPU cooler: be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
M/B: ASUS ROG X399 Zenith Extreme Alpha
Video: Asus ROG RX570 4GB / Sapphire Radeon VII
Storage: Samsung 970 Pro 1TB NVME
Memory: G.Skill TridentZ RGB Series 64GB
PSU: Seasonic Prime TX-850, 850W 80+ Titanium
Case: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X ATX Case Tempered Glass Windows Digital RGB
Wifi/Bluetooth card: Fenvi T919 1750Mbps PCIe Desktop Wifi Card Broadcom BCM94360CD
Keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad - Space Gray
Trackpad: Apple Magic Trackpad 2 - Space Gray

Operating System: Apple Mac OS X 10.15.2 (19C57)

- CPU - works, but without OS power management;
- Videocard - fully supported;
- Integrated sound - fully supported;
- Integrated Intel i211 Gigabit Ethernet - fully supported;
- Integrated Auantia AQC107 Ten gigabit Ethernet - fully supported;
- integrated Wifi/Bluetooth module - replaced with Fenvi T919 network card which have native support in MacOS thankfully for BCM94360CD chiset ;
- USB Controllers - fully supported;

Tested software - working

- Integrated software;
- FinalCutX, Motion, Compressor;
- Microsoft Office (latest from AppStore);
- GeekBench, Heaven, CineBench R20, LuxMark, Blender benchmark.
- Oracle VirtualBox;

Tested software - not working

- Parallels desktop;
- VMWare Fusion;

System features

- iCloud - works;
- System sleep - works;
- iMessage - works;
- AirDrop - works;
- Facetime - works;
- Handoff - supported;
- Instant Hotspot - supported;

- OpenCore Bootloader 0.5.3;

UEFI drivers

- ApfsDriverLoader.efi
- FwRuntimeServices.efi
- HFSPlus.efi


- AGPMInjector.kext - power management for video card;
- AppleALC.kext - integrated sound card initialisation;
- AppleMCEReporterDisabler.kext - patch for iMacPro1,1 profile kernel panic;
- Lilu.kext - common kext for most of others kexts;
- SmallTree-Intel-211-AT-PCIe-GBE.kext - integrated Gigabit ethernet initialisation;
- VirtualSMC.kext;
- SMCProcessor.kext - VirtualSMC extension for monitoring purposes;
- SMCSuperIO.kext -VirtualSMC extension for monitoring purposes;
- WhateverGreen.kext - video card initialisation;
- USBPorts-x399ZenithAlpha.kext- USB ports map. Use this guide to map your USB according to your needs.


- SSDT-EC - virtual device for Catalina run.
- SSDT-PLUG - Intel Power Management patch (used for video card power management patch).
- SSDT-EC-USBX - USB power parameters injection for higher currents support on USB ports (charging iPad, etc).


- MacInfoPkg - Mac models serials generator for correct work iCloud, iMessages, etc. Use it to replace serial and board serial in OpenCore config;
- AGPM Injector - Apple Graphics Power Management Injector kext generator. Use it to generate AGPMInjector.kext for your videocard.
Version 04-01-2020
Version 04-01-2020
+ Resolved issue with sleep kernel panic;
+ Added support for playing protected content in TV app (shikigva=80);
+ Added USB ports map kext for proper support of USB ports and sleeping;
Version 31-12-2019
Version 31-12-2019
+ Added SSDT-EC-USBX for correct USB power injection (iPad charging support);
- Removed some unnecessary files;
Version 13-12-2019 - Initial release
Version 13-12-2019
- Initial release
Blender - full benchmark

Cinebench R20

Unigine heaven Benchmark 4.0

Black Magic Disk Speed Test
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Saeed Haidar wrote:Hello
How did you get Auantia AQC107 to work I have the the setup but with threadripper 1950x
In my case it's supported by MacOS.
Post Merged
Smooth update to MacOS X 10.15.2 (19C57)
Post Merged
New config version 31-12-2019

+ Added SSDT-EC-USBX for correct USB power injection (iPad charging support);
- Removed some unnecessary files;

Happy New Year for everyone!
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