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by: fabmacos
Hello everyone I would like to share my successful install on my risen 5 3600 build. All thanks to amd osx vanilla guide.

My build:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Asus Crosshair VI hero x370
G.skill flareX 32GB DDR4 3200mhz
SSD 512
MSI Vega 56

What I did was following the guide of the amd osx vanilla.

Everything works, iMessage, iCloud mail, App Store whit signing in with you're apple account. Internet and wifi works. Sound works and also jpeg preview
I also noticed that the windows key on you're qwerty keyboard is the CMD key on the Mac
Only I installed the ATI inject on the graphics page in clover boot menu.
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by: jubarim
Hi! Nice build!

Were you able to make sleep work? Thanks!
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by: fabmacos
Hi i still didn’t fix the sleep wake function! I’m trying do! If i fixed it i will make a tutorial for it.
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My Mojave Hackintosh still works flawlessly. Even the sleep function is working great.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
nice buid!
I follow you with C6H + ryzen 3600 and ram 32GB bus 3200. but i use ssd nvme samsung 970 plus
But I get "No Sign" screen every time when Boot by USB.
Can you share to me yourBios Setup?
Thanks for help!

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