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Hey all!

So, tax season is upon us and I decided when I got my refund to splurge a little on my computer which hasn't seen any upgrades since I built it in 2014. I got a whole new setup with switching to Ryzen and the AM4 architecture as well as swapping from Team Green to Team Red for video cards. While I'd already been considering getting an AMD GPU the other major reasoning was the gaming performance in Hackintosh while running an AMD CPU in High Sierra which appears to be severely hampered. After a lot of tweaking BIOS settings, uninstalling NVIDIA drivers, changing config files, and some good luck, I have successfully swapped my hardware and got my Hackintosh to boot! Initially my audio/video was messing up, but I forgot to change my bus speed and ratio (since it was 200,000 kHz / 19 while running my FX-6300 at 3.8GHz but now 100,000 / 38 while running my Ryzen at the same clock).

Now, I can use my Hackintosh as my daily driver as I mainly play League of Legends and work on recording my music in Logic Pro X as switching back and forth was beginning to be a pain. And I can still dual boot my Win10 drive when I want to do more serious gaming.

macOS 10.13.2
Ryzen R5 1600
16GB DDR4 3200
Gigbayte B450m DS3H
PowerColor Red Dragon RX 570 4GB
Corsair CX-500

Everything working, aside from a small glitch where I have to unplug and replug my mouse on boot. But not a big deal.


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