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I followed the tutorial below with the 10.13.1 usb installer ....
https://hackintosher.com/guides/amd-ryz ... rra-10-13/
Pretty much worked without hickups ... I only remembered to move the video card to the second PCIE as someone mentioned before ....
After that thanks to Shaneee and his tutorial ... I updated to 10.13.6

THANK YOU fellow NERDS !!!
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:| I followed that very same guide. Unfortunately, I became stuck at the step where you input the post-install Terminal command, as, for some reason, it said my disk did not exist, when I typed in the name correctly. During the pre-install step, it had found my drive; so, I have no idea what was going on. My drive was also then converted to AFPS, and, when I wanted to erase it and start all over again, I couldn't—error with Disk Utility, upon reformatting.
@Robert Kisielewski, Where did you get the 10.13.1 installer from? I tried the Hackintosher install guide with their 10.13.3 image (from the mirror link) but could not get to the installation setup screen. Do you have a link to that version of the install file that I could use? I have spent days going through a dozen different installers from this site but have not yet had any luck getting even as far as the step of successfully completing the preinstall code. Any help is much appreciated!

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