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Sierra AMD v4, worked out of the box, just followed the Post Installation text file and voila!
The process was easy as any other hackintosh methods (Intel) and almost like installing the thing on a real Mac.

Ethernet working
WiFi Working
Sound Working
Sleep/Wake no working but as I read in other post its either work or not.
FX graphic glitch resolved after enabling GPU.

Did a couple of tests, Logic Pro X, Final Cut and Xcode , AMD beats my iMac 2013 (intel core i5 2.7ghz)

Thank you very much Shanee I will gladly contribute to this amazing project ! :thumbup: :D :) :clap:
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Glad it all worked for you :thumbup:
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jaker89 wrote:Hello I want to try the same but on FX8300
I already transmac the amdsierra file
now what? I guess we need to type some commands and what do I have to do post install? please help this is my first hackintosh
Install Sierra and follow the post install steps,
Shaneee wrote:Once the install is complete the first thing you need to do is open Terminal from within the installer from the utilities menu within the menu bar. Now enter the PostInstall folder on the USB.

cd /Volumes/SierraAMD/PostInstall

Now you can run the post install script.

sh post.sh
jaker89 wrote:Thanks K chan, I did that and installled now now after reboots it wont boot when I select macos partition
It gives ebios error a lot of times and reboots, any help please?
Did you do the post install?
@jaker89, Install the latest Enoch from the link below and copy the Extra folder from the post install folder to the root of your HDD. What's your GPU?

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