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Thank you, AMD OS X! Thank you, @iGPU @CaseySJ !

LG 5K 27" works on Hackintosh via TB3 for the First Time!

I followed @iGPU 's EFI and OpenCore Guide; added VirtualSMC I beleive, and finally it works, well, mostly. Tried Clover before; worked but not with my LG 5K.


LG 5K 27" connects to TB3, with RX580 dual DPs onto ASRock X570 Creator MB DP IN. (In Bios: TB enabled, TB security off) 5K resolution able.

Wifi on Fenvi T919

both Giga and 10 gig ethernet

MacOS Upgrade (10.15.2 installed, 10.15.3 upgraded thru Software Update)

Facetime, iCloud, apple email

sort of working:

Audio and Camera on LG 5K (Only when cold start/power off and power on; not working when restart)

Audio On board sound card (Headphone jack OK, optical out not working)

My LG 5K turns black screen every 2-3 minutes (don't know why) Update: no black screen after fresh start; I guess it is because of the RX580 over heat. Upgraded to 5700XT, no more black sreeen

Not working:

FENVI T919 BLUETOOTH Solved by @CaseySJ ; if you have same BT issue, pls go to his post page 7 :


Titan Ridge TB card. (pluged in USB-header, but can't find TB-header on my Creator MoBo)

I will keep trying other softwares like Abode and keep you updated.

I will upload my EFI modified from iGPU's. If you have same configuration and want to give it a try, don't forget to fill SMBIOS in Platforminfo.

any thought/advice/help is much appreciated! thanks in advance.
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Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 9.53.46 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 9.53.59 AM.png
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Gen 4 M2 SSD works great
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BTW, could any one teach me how to swap RX 580 with my RX 5700XT? many thanks
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davesmif wrote:Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

Just ordered a Fenvi 919, expecting it to be natively supported for bt :o

Also on AMD. Following this to see if you solve it.
Thank you so much for your reply, @davesmif,

Could you pls tell me what to follow?

Good day!

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