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by: boffster
After a couple of days messing with The Vanilla install and varying kexts I've got my ryzen 5 3600 cpu along with gigabytes x570 gaming x board and geil 16 gb of memory and radeon rx560 gpu up and running and so far no trouble. I don't have wifi onboard but am using ethernet. I need a couple of days to run tests to see what does and doesn't work but so far am pleased with the outcome. I'm a relative noob to this but have success in previous OS's.
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by: Yard Sale
Which USB ports work and which don't work?
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by: boffster
@RHN9524826, all usb ports are working without any trouble
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@RHN9524826, I used virtual smc instead of fakesmc, lilu, whatever green, null cpu powermanagement, realtek 8111, and have thrown in usb injectall but found it works fine without it there, and applealc. have had it running for several weeks now without any trouble.
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by: jubarim
Hi @boffster

Nice build!

Is sleep working on it?
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by: boffster
Although I don't use the sleep option i have tested it out shutting down hard disks and monitor. it sleeps and wakes up without any trouble whatsoever.
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by: João Boettcher
Hello friend, first congratulations on the construction.

I have a Ryzen 5 3600x I was able to install and activate everything right, but it is crashing the application at the time of opening, says that the program was unexpectedly closed in your happens this too?
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by: boffster
i'm not sure i understand. what application is it crashing? I have no crashing of any system os or applications whatsoever.
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by: n8dagr8
boffstar. Does iMessage, Facetime, iCloud, airdrop etc work? Does USB 2.0 work? Do 32 bit apps work (OPEMU)? What method did you use? Thanks. I was going to return my ASRock X570 Pro4 & get a Gigabyte, most likely same as you, if so can I get a copy of your EFI folder & BIOS Settings file? I will send you some crypto. Text me at 514-416-5160 or email me at [email protected] or just reply here. Thx!
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