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by: NicholasG04
Firstly, a massive thanks to XLNC who I could never have done this without.
For a long time I have dreamed of running a hackintosh, and with my newly built PC this is finally a reality.

R5 1600
MSI RX 580 Gaming X 8GB
MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon
16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM

1. Using XLNC's Clover Installation Package v2, I managed to firstly boot into the setup of macOS. Upon opening disk utility and trying to format my partition, I did encounter a strange problem.

Problem #1:
Note: XLNC didn't think my solution would work :P
I got an error of 'MediaKit reports not enough space on disk to complete requested operation'. Upon further research I came to the conclusion that because this disk was not used as an OS disk, it needed the 200MB EFI partition required by macOS. I went back into Windows and created this, and so all went smoothly.

2. The 'xlnc' console menu worked wonders. Using the post installation with Bronya kernal made everything a breeze. My PC sailed through installation.

3. XLNC helped out by using TV to log into my PC remotely and install clover in UEFI mode.

Problem #2:
Strange 'quirk' of my motherboard that you can only have one UEFI hard disk enabled at once. This was strange as previously the UEFI disk was set to windows with no option to change in BIOS. However, by selecting the Clover one from the F11 boot menu suddenly changed it to mac by default. Took way too long to figure this out.

Problem #3:
Strange problem with my keyboard - it appears to be this one specifically. When I was typing it was randomly repeating most keys strangely. I have to continually fix this by pressing a key combo on my keyboard every time I enter OSX. This does not, however, happen on windows. It's a cheap technet keyboard, and the fix was to do with the CPS modes on it. For further info please send me a message.

And here I am today. No further issues (apart from 3) as my sound, ethernet and GPU are working absolutely fine. As previously mentioned, massive thanks to XLNC for all the help!

Thanks for reading,

Edit: Thanks zzmadd for these suggestions:

Working/Not Working (comprehensive):
- Ethernet is gigabit: No way to test with my internet round here!
-- Any USB keyboard issue: Yes, as noted above
- Dos it switch off: Yes
- Does it sleep correctly both monitor and PC: Cannot wake from sleep, however this is also a problem in windows.
- USB3 fast and reliable: Haven't tested. Remind me to update!
- Can you monitor temps and fans: Nothing out of the ordinary
- Audio - Working Fine
- Stability / K panics: Stable
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by: XLNC
serialkillazzs wrote:XLNC's Clover Installation Package v2 have you link?
check my siganture
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by: zzmadd
Hi there,
just for reference what's working what's not?
- Ethernet is gigabit?
- Wifi?
- Is Bluetooth reliable?
- Any USB keyboard issue?
- Dos it switch off?
- Does it sleep correctly both monitor and PC?
- USB3 fast and reliable?
- Can you monitor temps and fans?
- Audio?
- Nvidia Graphics?
- Stability / K panics?
- Nvme drive?
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by: serialkillazzs
my setup is:
amd ryzen 1700x
toshiba ocz 512gb nvme


Managed to get graphics and troublesome seagate pipeline hd2 500gb sata to boot at present
inside mac now hopefully iron out bugs now with graphics
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by: zzmadd
NicholasG04 wrote: Working/Not Working (comprehensive):
- Ethernet is gigabit: You can look at the network preference in advanced and check if it's 100 or 1000
- Any USB keyboard issue: Yes, as noted above (these might be USB issues)
- Does it sleep correctly both monitor and PC: F***
- USB3 fast and reliable: Transfer rate, different drives (keyboard has issues here)
What Im trying to do with these questions is to see if there's a motherboard that works better than other OOB
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by: viralmagic
Hi, I'm new on mackintosh and I'm having problems to get properly working this OS.

I can use the desktop of Hackintosh but when I open any program that requires the gpu, the computer crash and restart.

System Specs:

MOTHERBOARD: Gygabyte X399 Aorus Gaming
CPU: Threadripper 1950x
RAM: 8gb x2
AUDIO: KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 USB ( when I start playing youtube videos, the sound start to crash and after sound its very bad, youtube video freeze, appears instantly a blackscreeen and system restart :crazy: :crazy:

The system has High Sierra 10.13 installed using Transmac

In the system specs, in graphics appear "AMD R9 xxx 8 GB" instead "AMD RX 580 8 GB"

I have been yesterday all the day like getting mad by not found a solution.
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by: TimurLivanov
Hello, does the video card work at the maximum? FPS what in games?
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by: skywalkr08
Have a very similar setup, with R5 1600 and Pulse RX580. Followed all the steps properly but when I boot to MacOS after installation, it gives me a black screen.

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