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If you've got your system running near to perfect then you can share your success story here.
Just wanted to post a summary of my initial success, for anyone looking at a similar setup.

USB installer used: AMDHS_installer_V2 (bronya kernel) viewtopic.php?f=23&t=2948#p33500

I have used both a 2.0 USB stick and a 3.0 USB stick, plugged into a 3.0 port in my case. (no 2.0 ports on the Taichi) I got similar performance from both thumb drives.

I moved my NVidia GPU to slot 3 instead of slot 1 at the suggestion of another user, and this seems to allow the installer to load, though I don't know why.

This one was BIG for me... It is my experience that launching the installer from the USB clover menu can take anywhere from 2 to 25+ tries. Most of the time I get a panic or double panic, which I call the "BSDs", because the last line I see is "...BSD process name corresponding to current thread: kernel_task..." When I see "BSD" on the screen I hit reset and try again. If you stick with it long enough eventually the verbose code that loads will look differently than before, and the installer will appear within a minute or two. (again, just my experience)

So, following the XLNC tutorial video in the link above, I was able to get OSX 10.3.1 running and stable. I even used a Time Machine backup from my Macbook Pro, which is running 10.3.5, and was able to transfer over my apps and docs and info. I am having trouble unlocking the "Lock Icon" in security preferences. Even after typing in my password, the Lock stays closed and I can't edit the security options. Not sure if this is because of the 10.3.1 - 10.3.5 discrepancy or just a fluke of the AMD Hackintosh process.

Currently NOT working:
- Wifi - the wifi card in the Asrock Taichi is not registering. (unfortunately this is my only source of internet, so I can't check a lot of the other features till I get a USB wifi stick that works with Mac.)

I will be updating this post as I get more info. Thanks to those helping, and good luck to the rest!
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Hey man, have pretty much the same setup!
So am i right that whet you are getting "Kernel task" freeze, you just have to wait when it will continue booting?
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I congratulate both yodamaycry and GarryBarry1 for your progress so far. My setup is not too different and the closest I've got was a single successful install and boot from HDD, . None of the nVidia web drivers would install (giving a build compatibility error) and I was left with 640x480 graphics. No build number was presented in the system info. On reboot it would no longer work after the clover boot screen. So after 3 hrs and a single successful boot, I'm back to square one. I will chalk it up with the hundreds of reboots, change of USB slots, USB sticks and installer versions.

I will try in another week or so and move the video card to slot 3 to see if that also helps. If you have any other guidance or and EFI folder you could share it would be very much appreciated.
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