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I just wanted to share my success story here. My System Components are in my signature and it did not change anything.
Installed HighSierra V2, updated it to 13.3.3 in the guides and am using nvweb now for my GTX 1060.
Yesterday I had no sound, but I checked again and now sound is working nicely.

So, macOS runs fine, sound fine, ethernet fine, GPU fine...
Just signed in with my Apple ID.
Everything is nice, the only issue I am facing is that my Razer Kraken USB is sometimes making a weird robot voice from mic input when talking, but this seems to be a general Razer + Mac issue. I already installed Synapse, but this seems to be Rares fault.

So, everything works, used default Clover configs kexts etc ... from the USB (just replaced EFI folder on the HDD with clover folder from USB, and everything is neat!

Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make Hackintosh AMD possible :mrgreen: :clap:


Hi, can you share your BIOS Version and BIOS Settings?
I have the same Mainboard and from what I heard, I have to change Core Ratio from auto to something I set manual.
But everytime I change it to anything manual, It stays at 1.37 GHz.

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Thank you