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by: finxster
Hey guys! great job with the site really! It has helped me plenty! However i do have a small suggestion

Would you guys agree that the VM posts are a bit scattered all over the board, so why not create a VM specific sub just like we have now for each release of MacOS. One VM thread to rule them all.

Why am I saying this? In my experience i had to use the advanced search to make sure that i was reading VM specific posts because the fixes are not always the same as for a hackintosh.


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by: matt mods
@finxster yes that is the plan I am going to keep regular downloads separate from images for physical install on hackintosh's which will be separate from the extra stuff I am also going to add the option for torrents and magnet links and for each file it will have its own page so the Duffnet cloud should be very easy to navigate around and if you get lost I will include a search feature if it's needed. the layout I'm thinking is two sections one for images one for everything else inside of the images it will have 2 sub sections images and VM's these will both have all versions of MacOS as there own sub section which will have a page for each individual release, which will contain the following:
The file name
A brief description of the file
It's size
2 digests
a torrent file
a magnet link
And some other information

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by: Shaneee
Think this should have been posted in the AMD OS X feedback :lol: Yeah I can add a subform for VM discussion :thumbup:

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