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by: dsalsa
I have no problem logging into the site. My problem is I can't read the forum because my whole screen says
"This post is hidden because you were using an Adblock. We get it, but we need the ads running. Please whitelist our site. "
I don't even have an Adblocker installed on my machine so there is no way I can whitelist it, besides it was working fine two days ago. Haven't installed or made any changes on my machine.
By the way this is on Windows not macOS. Can't check on macOS Sierra yet because my network is still not working. And to check it on macOS El Capitan would be of no use as that is on a different computer.

Update: I can read he forum now but I keep getting this Window pop up that says
"We've detected that you are using an AdBlock. Please consider disabling this for our domain."

Just rechecked and I couldn't read the Chit Chat forum, but I can read this one. Not sure what is goin on. Even though I can read this forum I still have that INFOMATION window popping up


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