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So I actually had to install and log in to Tapatalk just to report this and by the looks of it other people can access this site now again. I don't know what happened but just whenever I try to load the site, it appears blank. I got excited when one finally loaded it with me logged out, but once I logged in, it was blank again. So I hope this can be fixed. I hope it would at least work on my PC (not tested yet)
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Clear the browser cache and cookies then try again. I'm currently on Chrome for Android and it's working.
So I've tested it on my desktop and the website fails to load on that too. But actually gives a reason why. It gives a "HTTP ERROR 500" to me. I did clear cookies on there and once again it was great until I tried logging in again
I've tried Google chrome Internet explorer and Microsoft edge browser cleared data and cache on all my browser's and the forum will load but can't login and can't see any of the posts I'm writing this on my Nvidia shield k1 tablet through Tapatalk hope the forum works again soon

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I've used three different browsers with cleared data and cache still can't login, I've tried my iPhone iPad Android my android tablet Google chrome browser yet still can't login gives me error every time HTTP error 500

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How's it working now?
Clear cache again and remove cookies. I've changed the server settings.

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