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i have a AMD system :

Cpu: fx8350 ( using only the 4 full cores @ 4.8 ghz )
Ram: ddr3 8GB 2400 mhz
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-990FX Gaming
Videocard: Sapphire TOXIC R9 280X OC
SSD: 240gb for High Sierra 10.13.3
Audio: BurBrown external audio
printer: brother DCp-195C
Screen: 3 screens HP 14inch LA2405WG ( Displayport )

Now system full installed with commands -v and npci=0x2000 and system boots only with npci=0x2000
only in Highsierra 10.13.1 works the 280x full, i reinstalled with Highsierra V3 unofficil zonder problems ( usb problems on loading comes from other sata HDD's i disconect hem and no problems )

now 1 have a 3D displayhub the R9 280x detected as a 7970 and not full 3d card functional good only verry slow.
its shows up only 2 screens.
i have changed 1 dp mini to one screen the onder dp mini to the hub.
only show it 2 screens and slow 3d rendering, Full hd video shows good only some stutters.

how can i set some info good in clover, i am new to this options, the old card a 280x works with no other settings OOB in full options.
this card have some problemen.

who can help me.

Ps: sorry for my bad english , my first lang is Dutch my excuses.


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