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by: Deleted User 28642
Hello. I need some help with installing OS X on AMD A8 7600. Here is the pc spec.
CPU: AMD A8 7600
Motherboard:ASUS A58M-E
GPU: HD Radeon 5450 2GB
Not using integrated graphics.

Thank you.
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by: Felgate11
Sir. Good day. I think you should download and install macOS Sierra (SierraAMD v5) that can be found on downloads here. Since I think It supports most of the Processors (upto Ryzen) right now.
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And I think what you are installing in your system are for Intel Processors only. You can download OSX and macOS here for AMD processors exclusively.
by: Deleted User 28642
They are probably meant for intel but the distros contained amd kernels. The Niresh 10.8.5 installed without any issues but would not boot to set up screen. Thank you for the help.
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Re: Which OS X is compatible to AMD A8 7600
I finally installed sierraAMD V5 but post installation did not go well. Because bootable usb was missing kext and extra folders, basically post installation failed. I checked sierraAMDv5.dmg file which i downloaded from amdosx.com and it was missing kext and extra folder as well. Lol. Thanks for the suggestion though.
by: Deleted User 28642
Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave. You can install on AMD A8 7600 APU, but you are not going get any graphic acceleration. AMD apu is not supported. Cheap Nvidia for Sierra and above would be GT710, 720, 740. Don't buy GT730. I had issue with GT730 on amd hackintosh. GT710 is a good choice. I have it on my Intel Mojave hackintosh. Make sure the GPU are GK(kepler) model, not GF(Fermi). I don't know much about AMD GPUs.

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