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by: Smorboll
Hello! I'm new to the forums and I'm planning a new build in which I would like to run dual-boot MacOS High Sierra and Windows 10 Pro.

Here's the part list on PCPartPicker: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/9LJzyX

CPU: Ryzen 7 1800X (or 2800X when it's released)
Motherboard: ASUS Strix B350-F Gaming ATX
RAM: 32GB DDR4 3200MHz (whatever brand has the best deal at the time of purchase.)
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 (currently planning for the Gigabyte G1)
Storage: Crucial MX500 1TB (maybe add a second one?)
Power Supply: Corsair CS650M 80+ Gold

Thanks a lot for the help :D

If you'd like to suggest better options, I would love that as well! I do a lot of video editing, as well as graphic design and animation. While I don't directly have any experience running MacOS, I do do a lot of virtualization work as well. I do also do some gaming, but only about once a week when I have time.


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