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by: sorakaze
Will build a ryzen 2400G build without discrete gpu wondering if this build is hackintosh compatible.

Ryzen 2400G
Asrock ab350 hdv
Crucial ballistix Sports Lt 2400mhz 8gb
Wd blue 1tb (Windows)
Wd blue 500gb (for hackintosh)

This will be my first pc build and hackintosh installation :D
Thank you in advance! :thumbup:


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by: SkOrPn
I have the same question as the OP.

I have the ASRock AB350 Pro4, 16GB GSKill at 3200Mhz, Samsung SM961 256GB NVMe, and one Ryzen 5 2400G. I sure hope this setup eventually works with High Sierra someday.
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by: Marcyvee
I have a ryzen 5 2400g too, and I'd like to try install sierra or maybe high sierra... Do you think a gtx 650 will work with my hardware? (mobo gigabyte ab-350)
I saw this topic
Is this outdated or unfit for our gpu?

Thanks. :thumbup:
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by: Shaneee
Integrated GPU sort of works but not properly. I'll be getting a 2400G soon so I can try improve the kernel.
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by: Marcyvee
I recently managed to run sierra v4 on my configuration. It works fine but some video glitches and audio don't works if the hdmi is plugged in the mobo, and it doesn't recognize the smart tv as monitor... And if I plug in the gtx 650, iTunes sounds very bad (and slow too) if I set the audio from the tv channel.

So, how to know if graphic acceleration is working (sorry for this noob question)?
I don't know if it's work for the integrated gpu or for the nvidia one. May I try to boot without the gtx 650.
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by: Shaneee
Appears on screen yes but I wouldn't say it works. Anything that loads from the GPU which in High Sierra is alot. It's really not worth it.

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