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Thank you :D Now, I have one final [set of] question- how do I set up iMessage/iCloud/App Store? I remember reading you have to use Clover Configurator, and you need Ethernet (not wi-fi) - my PC has ethernet compatibility but is way too far away to hook up. Does it actually require ethernet? Will the NullEthernet kext work? (Will my wireless card even work in the first place?) How would I go about setting up the iServices with Enoch? Thank you!


iMessage won't work on AMD systems I'm afraid. The App Store and iCloud need the Ethernet to be detected and shown as en0. Is your LAN detected in System Information? If not what is the LAN device?
I'm not quite sure LAN. I'll let you know A.S.A.P. But for now, I had one problem with the hard drive I'm installing OS X to: I go through the Niresh installer, starting with the bootflags "/amd64 npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=no". I install OS X on my Seagate ST3160815AS drive. Everything goes smoothly, until it tells me to Restart. I restart, and when I select the Seagate drive in my boot menu, it brings to me a screen that says "Realtek PCIe Family Controller". After that, it tells me "no boot disk found" or something like that. When I check in my boot menu, it shows it as a Legacy Boot Source, and not a UEFI drive. I have not gotten to install kexts or a bootloader yet (I never got to that screen, I think - isn't that after the first reboot?). I formatted the drive in Disk Utility. What am I doing wrong? Thank you. I'm really sorry for bothering you.
Was the kernel etc copied over after the install? I don't know how Niresh works.
Yeah, well, me neither ^^" I figured out you have to boot with the USB drive in, select your Hackintosh drive, and use your boot flags there. However, one question - my w-fi isn't working. My Ethernet driver is Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller, and my Wireless card is Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11bgn. It recognizes the ability to set up ethernet, but the wi-fi option is grayed out. Any ideas on how to fix? Thank you, really...I can't say that enough.
You'll need to install Enoch onto the HDD to boot without the USB but if you're dual booting with Windows then I don't recommend that unless it's on a separate HDD. Try this for your WiFi,
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