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I wana install a Vm in my Windows 10 Pro.

My cpu is an AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition. More information about this cpu, you can get here http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K10/AMD-P ... RBOX).html

My configuration is:

32GB Ram
Amd Phenon II X6
Windows Pro
SSD 480GB with free 90 GB

I have already tried all kinds of installation, but I have never gotten to put the VM to start the macOS installation. Everytime I get some kind of trouble...

I have tried DMG converting to ISO, I have tried with a lot of VMDK versions, I have tried some options with a .VMX file modification.

I have already tried using VMWare with and without unlock option... pointing to a Mac OS version or pointing to a "other OS" version...

After many GBs downloaded and hours with frustration... I decided to get some help.

I am a Xamarin.Forms developer and I need to work with macOS to generate iOS packages. I do not have a Mac desktop, neither a macbook. So, I think the option to me is to create a VM to do that.

I need to install one of the last two versions os macOS... High Sierra or Mojave, cause it will be possible to use the last version of xCode, needed to iOS generation.

So, if someone have any idea to help me, please I will appreciate your help... I am really very desperate to resolve this...



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