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by: doc32
@Shaneee, Hi, I restart at the begining and now no more KP. At the first screen i format the hard disk and name it macOS but when i select the installation i've got a messagelike this: "your installer is corrupted, you can't use it to perform the installation"!
Did i missed something in your guide?


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by: Shaneee
@doc32, It could be a bad restore to the USB. Try starting it again.
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by: doc32
I found it!
I don't know why and how but it missed InstallESD.dmg in Sharedsupport folder
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ok, now the installation is OK!
I have two questions: my graphic card is anMSI Armor RX570 8Gb and in the system informations it shows me 7 Mb. Is it just cosmetic or I have to do something?
Is it possible to update MacOS via update software?
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by: Luoboutou
@Shaneee, Thanks your help, but I don't change anything of the config,and Delnit was enable already.But my machine work well in 10.13.3 .By the way,when I turn on the CSM , it look like this.
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Here it is. Of course, When I installed Mojave, I turn csm on,but I turned it off later.At last,wher
ther two displayes influence this saturation in the install process? one 4K with DP,another 1080P with HDMI. Or just because i add a Western Digital blue 500G sata SSD to the second m.2 plot for macOS.I only use the 4k one now,it doesn't get better.
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by: Shaneee
Ok remove the DeInit option and make sure Lilu and Whatevergreen are upto date and in the Clover kext folder. Make sure there are no Graphics settings enabled in the Clover config and try to boot.
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by: kaleide
Fixed booting from usb. All but keychain on iCloud is working. Shows up on iCloud.com :thumbup: iMessage still needs to be fixed, but that's the least of my concerns.
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by: Luoboutou
@Shaneee, Thanks, but it didn't work,I decide to reinstall 10.14.1. hope it won't become 10.14.3 again.
Hi there!
Already just installed 10.14.1
but my R7 250 doesn't work fine, it shows as "AMD R7 250 7 Mb"
I've manualy added ID into AMD7000Controller.kext and AMDRadeonX4000.kext, fix permissions at s/l/e
Lilu and Whatevergreen kexts in /kext/other on clover partition

Sorry, for my bad english
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by: Taxuewuhen
Does the CPU support the Athlon series?
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