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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
i just install it on my 990fxa ud3/ fx 6300/gtx 960 using the videos and this https://github.com/vulgo/webdriver.sh for gpu drivers and i have some problems,
*first usb 3 doesnt work in clover but when i log in only usb 3 works.. (i have to plug my keyboard in usb2 in clover screen and then plug it in usb3 in os :p )
*second sleep doesnt work
*third feels kinda laggy (two/3 youtube videos and cpu usage goes to 50+% i dont know if it is normal)
*sound crackle
first one is the biggest problem, is there any way to fix this problems, helps in any of these is appreciated :D
Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 13.15.43.png
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Hi guys/gals.. please excuse my ignorance I've been building "windows" systems for many many years.. I do own a MacBook Pro but wanted to try the hackintosh route on my old desktop.. Specs are as follows.

AMD FX-8350 Black Edition
MSI 970A-G43 Motherboard
16GB Crucial Memory
R9 270x GPU

So far following this guide everything went smoothly up until I had to reboot and goto GUI / terminal / and enter AMD etc..

I get stuck before the GUI with a screen of black and white text the bottom line says the following

"Initialized /dev/rdisk3 as a 5 MB case-insensitive HFS Plus Volume"

See attached photo.

And it goes no further.. any help would be hugely appreciated.

Many thanks.
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Hello, I get to the part where I first boot off of HighSeiraAMD, some lines of code run down, and then the text glitches out and I get a big circle with a line through it on my screen. Every once in a while I can kinda make out where it’s still adding lines of text to the bottom, but it’s all scrambled and I’m unable to make out what it says
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