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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
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by: Shaneee
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by: zzmadd
I get this when I boot after adding the apfs driver
is it correct, can I hide it?
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by: Shaneee
Yeah that's normal. There's a modified version of the efi file somewhere. I'll try find it.
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by: Norton287
If you download V2 from my signature you already have it, just need to at the end of the install use Clover Configurator to mount the EFI of the USB and copy it to your Hard Drives EFI/Clover/drivers64UEFI. Here's the video on how to mount the EFIs: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=3538
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by: Krlooh
WBloco wrote:Where I can find the apfs.efi file?
On your USB drive in EFI/Clover/driver64UEFI folder

Sorry, but the video link is down. Can you reupload? or.. Can tell me someone what must I do with apfs.efi file?

Thanks! :thumbup:
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