• Setting your busratio and CPU and Bus Speed in Clover Configurator

  • Tutorials for the installation and post install.

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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
#34735 by Norton287
Mon Dec 18, 2017 3:28 pm
Setting your busratio and CPU info can help with time running too slow or fast, audio issues, etc. To set your busratio do the following;

Use CPU-Z in Windows to get your CPU and Bus speed. If your non-turbo CPU speed is 3.1 it will be 3100 in the formula. The same for overclocked speed, say it’s 4.3 it will be 4300. Now you take your bus speed as normal and divide the CPU speed by it and get your busratio.

You put your busratio as busratio=31 or busratio=43 in Boot options of clover configurator like so:


Set you CPU speed and bus speed in the CPU section of clover configurator. Set your CPU speed in Hz and your bus speed in Khz. So a 3.1GHz CPU speed would be 3100 and a 100MHz bus speed would be 100,000.

You put your speeds in the CPU section like so:


For those that never used CPU-Z this is where the CPU speed and Bus Speed are located on the screen:
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