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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
This is how I managed to create a VM of Mojave with a Ryzen cpu:

My specs :
Ryzen 5 1600
GTX 1050ti
8Ggb of ram

First I dowloaded the Mojave version from this site (macOS Mojave 10.14.3; 18D109 (February 7, 2019) ) :
https://techsviewer.com/install-macos-m ... e-windows/
VMware 15 from :
The unlocker from :

I followed the basic installation from this site (techsviewer.com) :
  1. Install VMware 15 and don't run it yet.
  2. Extract the unlocker-master.zip file and launch in administrator mode the win-install file and let it do his thing.
  3. Launch VMware and create a new VM :
    1. Install the operating system later;
    2. Select Apple Mac OS X then macOS 10.14 (if you don't see macOS u failed the unlocker part);
    3. You can change the VM machine name and the location (I personally did not);
    4. Choose to store in a single file;
    5. Click finish;
  4. Edit the VM :
    1. In the memory tab select 50% – 65% of your RAM (in my case i did 4GB);
    2. In the processor tab select 50% - 70% of your CPU (I recommend 50%);
    3. In the USB controller tab choose the USB 2.0 in the USB compatibility part ! (you can't use mouse and keyboard otherwise);
    4. Remove the Hard Disk(SATA);
    5. Add a new Hard Disk -> (SATA) -> Use a existing one -> Locate the macOS Mojave 10.14.vmdk (from techsviewer.com);
  5. Now edit the .vmx file in the folder you chose previously in part 3.c ( per default it's *User*\Documents\virtual machines\.).
    1. Open it with a text editor ( Notepad from your pc will do the trick, you can dl Notepad ++ if it doesn't);
    2. Now it differs from the site : I added the following lines (at the bottom of the file) in order to make it work :
      Code: Select all
      smc.version = "0"
      cpuid.0.eax = "0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:1011"
      cpuid.0.ebx = "0111:0101:0110:1110:0110:0101:0100:0111"
      cpuid.0.ecx = "0110:1100:0110:0101:0111:0100:0110:1110"
      cpuid.0.edx = "0100:1001:0110:0101:0110:1110:0110:1001"
      cpuid.1.eax = "0000:0000:0000:0001:0000:0110:0111:0001"
      cpuid.1.ebx = "0000:0010:0000:0001:0000:1000:0000:0000"
      cpuid.1.ecx = "1000:0010:1001:1000:0010:0010:0000:0011"
      cpuid.1.edx = "0000:1111:1010:1011:1111:1011:1111:1111"
      featureCompat.enable = "FALSE"
      I also changed one line (the 3rd one) from
      Code: Select all
      virtualHW.version = "16"
      Code: Select all
      virtualHW.version = "10"
    3. Save the changes;
  6. At this point your configuration should look something similar to this : Image
  7. You can now launch the VM and start following the Installation.
To be fair, I don't really know what made it work, I was only looking for a way to make it work, and it did so I'm not complaining.
:arrow: I won't really able to help you with any of this, hope it works for you too.

⠀Sorry if I made some mistakes or wasn't very clear,



Great job, first time i was actually able to make it work, i believe i was missing that special code.
LenGaL liked this
i have same problem, my VM dosn't work.
After following your installation my vm start and after half first loading bar, my VM reboot in loop

anyone had a solution ?

my config is :
CPU: ryzen 7 3700x
MotherBoard: B450 Aorus M
RAM: 16Gb corsair vengance DDR4
SSD NVME 1To Corsair
Graphic Card: MSI RX 570 ARMOR 4G OC
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