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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
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by: korakios
Hi, wanted to share a workaround for usb installation.
On my machine either the installation from usb was sloooooow (booted from usb3 ports ,but the installer locked and had to change to usb2 port) or after clover my usb ports did not work. I am sure I didn't try all the possible flag combinations/workarounds for proper pre-installation usb fix but there is a simple solution:

Just use an hdd instead :D
I thought my usb stick was dying ,so first I used a fast usb3 external hdd......same slow speed.....and then I placed it in a free sata port and finished installing in ~18 minutes.
Hope it helps!


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by: qjnr
Does this also work for SierraAMD_V5.2_with_Enoch?
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Does this also work for SierraAMD_V5.2 with Enoch?
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Does this also work for SierraAMD_V5.2 with Enoch?
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by: shinhosuck1973
Can somebody please help? Where can i download "KEXTand EXTRA Folders" for sierraAMD V5 USB boot? Also the POST.SH file as well. Are these folders and file suppose to come with sierraAMD V5.dmg? If they are, the dmg doe not contain these 3 items.
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Thank you for the great guide. The installation went smooth and OS is running pretty well except the graphics. All the icons flicker like Christmas lights. When I hover over icons, all the icons flicker with different colors. When i go into about mac it is showing right graphics card which is AMD Radeon HD 5450 2GB. How can i fix flickering issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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by: sjpartri
I’m getting this error

apfs_sysctl_register:495: done registering sysctls

And then the install crashes..

Any ideas?
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I'm not able to install. The installer gets hung up on apfs_module_start.
I've tried moving the usb 2.0 stick around to different ports (I only have 3.0 and 3.1... doesn't get recognized on boot load in 3.1).
Any ideas?
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by: pedroh
Help! I can't donwload any of the files. Google Drive won't let me because it says many people have already downloaded it. Do you have an alternative link?
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