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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
You no longer need to install the kernel separately as its integrated in SierraAMD 5.2

First, this is for FX and Ryzen Processors

Now the download is here:
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You will also need Kext Utility attached to post to download. Copy the System.kext into /System/Library/Extensions. After you copy the kernel and System.kext to recreate the prelinkedkernel.

Follow this video to install it:

If anything errors out you can always boot off your USB Installer and run PostInstall again to put it back to original specs.
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by: Arnox
Hi guys!
If i downloaded SierraAMD V5 and installed. Should i modify the kernel? Im running on Ryzen 5 1600. Not able too boot from Clover part kernel panic... Could you help me pls?
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by: Norton287
Yes you should definately update to the 10.12.6 kernel for ryzen procs
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by: depeschzeu
How do I place system.kext to extensions properly? I copied it after updating kernel as in video and got massive warnings. I have run kext utility again thinking its going to fix everything and reboot and now it fails to boot in clover bootloader. It says error loading kernelcache and so on. I have booted from USB and run post.sh it didn't help. I have to format and reinstall I'm afraid...
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by: Norton287
You drag and drop the system.kext onto Kext Utility to install it. Kext Utility will then fix permissions and rebuild the prelinked kernel.
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by: RyzenHackDK
When in the process should i drag and drop the system.kext into the Kext Utility?

EDIT: Sorry I forgot to read something. I now dragged and dropped the system.kext into the Kext Utility AFTER I had copied the kernel, deleted the pre-thingy, and run the Kext Util. Hope that will be ok.
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by: Norton287
That should be fine, you can copy System.kext anytime.
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by: Dgameman1
I believe the Link is down
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by: kokos
hi to everyone!i install high sierra v2 to amd 8370,should i install this update?thanks alot!!
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by: Shaneee
kokos wrote:hi to everyone!i install high sierra v2 to amd 8370,should i install this update?thanks alot!!
No because High Sierra is 10.13 and this kernel is for 10.12
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so can I also install on the Ryzen 5 2500U? :?: