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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
No the question it to reimage the usb with the correct installer. I have a custom clover installer just for radeon cards, if she needs that she needs to follow the tutorial and pm me for it,.


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One Question.
With AmdSierra everything worked.
Now i installed HighSierra from here follwing the guide.
The problem is, after doing post-install script, and rebooting, i come to a black screen because of the graphics i think.
it's r9 270x and worked oob usually.
The problem i haven't the old installation anymore, how can i do it now.
There is no way to install clover and the lily kexts from installer terminal?
Follow the tutorial and PM me for a Clover installer and instructions
I followed the tutorial, but after postinstall script i can't boot the system, not beacuse of weird errors but because of the black screen.
And here on the forum they say to use Lily to get past the black screen problem, but that guide needs you to install clover and kexts that i can't do because i can't boot it.
Send me a PM
I successfully installed High Sierra on my system. But now I faced some issues with Clover installation.
I have SSD with boot partition where Windows 10 is installed and HDD where I installed High Sierra. Is it possible to install Clover on that HDD so that I could boot in High Sierra only by pressing F8 at PC start up and choosing the HDD to boot? Sorry, if sounds ridicules but I have an idea to save Windows boot-loader. :)
I disconnected my Windows 10 SSD and tried to install Clover. Then rebooted and Clover started but when I choose High Sierra there is an error.
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To previous post - i have both installed. I had if i remember correctly other hard disks disconnected and so i can choose boot loader from bios by choosing what disk i boot up first - no problems. When you use Clover installation .pkg you have there choose to install it on same disk with OSX/macOS so it is there just. Wont corrupt windows boot loader. But if it is the case you have booting order wrong if want get clover up. Choose the disk to be first where is Clover installed.

Edit sorry i didn't firstly get your idea. I am not sure of that can you use Windows Bootloader boot up clover. Try edit boot of windows from windows to boot up efi (clover) instead macOS if possible.


Instead of TransMac you could use if want update just:

To Convert dmg to img-
hdiutil convert SierraAMD.dmg -format UFBI -o SierraAMD.img

to Transfer img to your usb/sd card (i had it disk4 - check yours):
sudo dd bs=2048 if=SierraAMD.img of=/dev/disk4
(this takes hours at least for me for sd card 32gb and it won't notify about progress.. just shows password question as it did ask it for sudo -- until finished)

No? I got SD card at least okay by that but didn't install yet. I report when i do that but can take a time. Just possibilities for free software ways.

UPDATE: It did install AMD Sierra V5 correctly!
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