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General chat and support for running on a Virtual Machine.
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by: Shaneee
SierraAMD VMWare Image

Sierra 10.12.5 VMWare HDD Image for SSE4.1 Supported AMD CPUs including Ryzen

To setup your VM set the host OS as Other x64.
On the VM HDD selection choose an existing one and select the downloaded HDD.
Configure the amount of CPU and RAM power you wish to give the VM.
Change the VM HDD to SATA.
Boot VM :thumbup:


Mirror Thanks to Norton287
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by: Shaneee
Any errors on download? The logs are showing others have fully downloaded.
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by: laurent81
ls -al sierraamd_vm.zip
-rw-r--r-- 1 laurent laurent 15660864 juin 24 00:41 sierraamd_vm.zip
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by: Valkiry
Can confirm download link isnt working.
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by: dkv7
download link redirects to some hosting website. Please check the error happening..
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by: Shaneee
Link should now be working :) First post updated.
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by: tomuse
the link didn't work :cry:
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by: exanimusboy
Keep trying, have patience. It worked for me 5th try, with 10 minutes of waiting between each try.
Edit : If people still have problems with the link, I could link a torrent file if Shaneee would allow it.
I still can't make it work :D.
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by: tomuse
ok, now with the first try it is running, thanks :clap:
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