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Development and testing of modified XNU Kernels for AMD CPUs on OS X
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by: pink101
What do i mean by 'AMD kernel buggy'? well... here's my story...
FIrst of all, i'm not a programmer, but i'm really curious on installing osx on my AMD machine. So the first step to installing OSX on AMD is creating an installer. I did that and success on making it (the installer). Then After that, we install it on the hard drive. Now this is where i found it challenging. The short version of my experience is that i finally success installing OSX Yosemite 10.10.0 on my 16GB microSD card. It can boot and everything. After that, using disk utility i make dmg image of the system, then i transfer my system to my old 20GB IDE hardisk using IDEtoUSB converter. After that I boot my Yosemite using my old 20GB drive from USB. Now this is the buggy part... It can boot like the one on microSD, but after +/- 3 second it then hang with spinning ball, but that's not what bug me, the problem is that when i restart the system, the hfsplus partition become corrupt and cannot be fixed by disk utility. I tried it many times with both 10.10.0 and 10.10.5 with many different kernels and the partition is always corrupt after hang. Why i suspect that it was the AMD kernel? Because when i tried it on intel machine, not only that my old 20GB disk can boot successfully, but also when i hit reset on my intel machine, the partition didn't become corrupt like it was on my AMD machine.
I'm curious if anybody have the same experience as i do? btw, here's post about my AMD system

PS: To admin, if this is the wrong section to post this topic please move it to the right section, thank you...


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by: Norton287
Its because you're using IDE, the drive needs to be set to AHCI
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by: pink101
Norton287 wrote:Its because you're using IDE, the drive needs to be set to AHCI
Not really... im using my IDE drive through a USB converter, and if that's really the reason, then why on Intel system the hardisk work just fine?
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by: Norton287
This is amd not intel
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by: pink101
Just bought IDE to sata converter, now the problem no longer exist.... i can still use my IDE hardisk as a test drive for Hackintosh and both hang problem and partition corrupt problem seems no longer exist...
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