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Development and testing of modified XNU Kernels for AMD CPUs on OS X
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by: ithasryzen1600
So I've succesfully built a system running 12.10.6 quite stable.
One thing I noticed when I wanted to check if my system is running at it's capabilities was that the six cores of my Ryzen are running but only 6 instead of 12 threads are being used.

SMT is turned on in UEFI, I tried Voodoo TSC sync but i guess that it's not made for this purpose.

Do you have any ideas on how to enable multithreading (hyperthreading)?


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by: Norton287
Have you poked around insanelymac.com, they might have some info on multithreading.
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by: AlGrey
All the threads are used correctly on my side.
6 threads are always active but when required the remaining 6 kick in.
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by: ithasryzen1600
you're right, my cpu just never came in that area where it had to kick in the remaining 6 threads :thumbup:

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