What do I select port for usbmap


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Dec 14, 2022
Available and use port.

Front Usb port(case)

Back panel USB port


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Dec 27, 2022
This process is very easy but it can take a bit of time. After selecting discover ports, you just need to take a USB stick and plug them in each port. The ports will change color to Cyan and will show your USB stick info underneath. After that, you can change some port types to internal, but it looks like yours are guessed correctly, so you can skip this step. Next, just press K and disable the ports that didn’t light up (You will have two options after pressing K—Ignore and Disable).

After that, you will get a USBMap.kext. Put it in your kext folder along with the USBToolBox.kext


May 2, 2020
Do not skip the full port discovery step.
Make sure you test each and every port available on your motherboard with the appropriate USB pen drive, i.e. A USB3 physical port needs to be tested with both a USB3 and a USB2 pen drive. A Type-C port needs to be tested with a Type-C device and a USB2 Type-C or Type-A device, the latter through a Type-C to Type-A adapter or an external hub/dock. Yes this is laborious and time consuming, but essential if you are to get your Hack working 100%.

Do not leave the port connector type as 'Guessed', ever!
Always check when undertaking the port discovery that the correct connector type has been identified for each port. Change any port connector types that are incorrect. Do not assume the 'Guessed' port connector type is correct, especially with Internal USB2 Header ports, they are rarely 'Guessed' correctly.

Not completing the Port Discovery phase and failing to change the connector types are the most common reasons for users having issues with Sleep/Wake and USB ports not working at the correct speed.
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