TRX40 / Threadripper 3000 support


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May 4, 2020
Hi all,

In the recent days Intel has had their shortages on many ends, including raw CPU performance and not being able to meet demand for heir HEDT SKU's. CL-X is barely available, SKL-X practically dead, and where is the 10960X, oh right, they didn't 'cause the AMD 3950X exists. That's desktop, though, and now there's a MacPro7,1 to beat around the bush with AMD CPU's, and the Threadripper 3000-series.

OpenCore developers note that here and here that this is an issue with the AMD kernel patches used, and not something that can or should be fixed in OpenCore bootloader itself. I was wondering if devs here have know-how of how to troubleshoot the issue, and if there's the option to help out, when we have the hardware? In my case the TRX40 Designare, which runs ProxMox Ve quite alright but it's far away from an OpenCore near-native setup, and a pita to setup compared to a no-VM approach.

Well, at best I can hope to point out that the problem on TRX40 still exists, and a fix would mean more powerful *Zentoshes!
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