successfully updated from MSI B550M MORTAR WIFI and 5800X BigSur 11.6 to 12.01 Monterey, but have a few problems


Jul 2, 2021
All said MSI B550M MORTAR WIFI and 5800X can not be upgraded to 12.01 Monterey from BigSur 11.x, because of the motherboard BIOS problems, , today I downloaded the image of 12.01 Monterey, and in BigSur 11.6, I install the image directly, after 15 mins installation, it auto reboot to the OC 0.7.4 (patched with AMD fix) menu, I selected Macintosh HDD, it keep on the installation for another 10 mins, then auto reboot, it auto selected Macintosh HDD to keep on installation for another 20 mins, then auto reboot to the OC menu, this time, it auto select “BigSur” option, I let it start for about 20 mins, during the progress, it auto reboot for 2 times, at the third time, it finally reached to the lock screen of 12.01 Monterey, but my mouse and keyboard connected to the 2 USB2.0 ports of MSI B550M MORTAR WIFI didn’t work because I didn’t customized USB in BigSur 11.6, so I used a USB extender connected to USB3.1 port for my mouse and keyboard, it worked, so I can input password to enter the desktop, after a few tests, I found several problems:

1. can not identify MSI B550M MORTAR WIFI mortar 2.5G network card, before in BigSur 11.2-11.6, it is to rely on LucyRTL8125Ethernet.kext to work, now this driver does not support the Monterey

2. the motherboard comes with AX200 wireless card, but I can not enable WIFI, showing an error in the preferences, before in BigSur 11.2-11.6, it is to rely on AirportItlwm.kext, now I download the 2.0 stable version which supports Monterey, thrown into the OC Kexts directory, reboot, the wifi still an not be enabled.

3 every time after reboot, there is a good chance that it suddenly crashed into OC menu, then I re-selected BigSur option, it booted for about 2mins into the lock screen of 12.01 Monterey.

What can I do about these 3 problems? Other than these problem, it seems normal, the motherboard BIOS version is 7C94v18

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