Months Stable Mojave Suddenly Freezing


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Jun 4, 2020
HW - 3950x - 4x32gb G Skill Ripjaws V RAM XMP 3200mhz - Gigabyte OC Vega 64 - Gigabyte X570 Aurus Master - Dedicated Sonnet Presto 10g ethernet card

Setup has run stable for video editing for 6 months. Suddenly, during an imovie export, the whole system froze. Screen is visible and mouse is movable but cant click anything. Same thing happened in the middle of a video conversion using other software. And again exporting using Final Cut Pro. It just freezes between 5-30 minutes after boot at random.

Ive ruled out the SSD. Mojave and High Sierra are on separate SSDs and both are having the issue.

Ruled out other HW. Windows and Linux are NOT freezing.

Ran Memtest 4 passes on RAM with no errors.

Turned off XMP, same results. Made new Opencore USB, same results. IDK where to go from here. Have done no updates to Mac OS or changes to opencore USB so I have no idea why its happening. Any help will be greatly appreciated as this is my main video editing rig.

PLIST file

Only using AppleALC, WhateverGreen, Lilu, and VirtualSMC kexts, Lastest versions.
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