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Nov 5, 2023
just registered after finding, in my periodical google search, that my graphics card starts to get supported for a hacintosh.
I have a had a Clover based hackintosh before but, after my Nvidia card lost support, I kinda lost interest.
Now I'm retired and must fill my time so will try to get back to it. Don't really need it, as I have a working macMini late 2018 with Sonoma, but well, its the kind of thing I always loved to do.

Will get some time reading rules, re-doing the signature and getting used to the place.
I'm very interested on the testing of the RX 6000 kext once I get current with the opencore way.

Finally, english is not my native language and I never have been good at typing, now worst as fingers have some trembling, so pardon any incoherent phrasing and typos I will sure do.
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