Best , Cheap, Small pack Mini PC 5600H - dual screen ports from Aliexpress - success


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Dec 18, 2023

I success to install Ventura after several days of research

How to success (from PC. windows 11)
  • Torrent Raw image ventura v 13.6
  • Create Boot USB from raw image by belena ethcer. I try install it from recovery mode (Youtube tell, not success)
download EFI from this link (Mini PC 5600H CPU)

Use mini tools partition for delete and format EFI drive of USB (see youtube)
- copy EFI of UM560 to EFI drive of USB

create our DSDT for ACPI, by SSDT Time - dsdt.aml, ssdt-cpur.aml, ssdt-ec.aml, ssdt-usb-reset.aml, ssdt-usbx.aml (see youtube)
copy all these files to to ACPI folder of usb drive
Modify config.plist of usb drive by OCAT-Win64
  • modity config.pllist
  • add all *.aml files to acpi tab
  • Set SMBIOS. iMac20,1 and generate SMBIOS. - overide
  • add boot arg. -v. for verbos mode (need to monitor install process)
save config.plist

use Mini tool partition to change type of usb to GPT drive

  • set bios Ram of iGPU. 4GB, No secure boot, CPU. 45 watts
  • Boot from USB drive
  • Wait patience. ( slow process some times, but work, some time I think it is not success (wait for 10 minutes , but continue to install ,yes partience)
  • It is china version of ventura. (My son can read china language 5555)
  • see youtube for detail of install
Most hareware succes
  • Two monitors, work with USB type port and HDMI
  • iGPU, good by Nootered. (Thank you very much for your hard work for AMD APU)
  • Chrome browser. , switch. off hardware accelator by nootered guide
  • Sound work
  • Lan port Realteck 8xxx work
  • I install two. m.2 2280 (one for windows 11, one for Ventura)
  • You can insert m.2 2280 to. m2 2230 of mini pc. (work, enough room)
  • Only not work. realtek wifi card, must replace by intel card ??

Thank you everybody in youtube and website for guides (especially EFI from UM560 XT guide)

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