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    No Performance Boost in FCPx fron 6900xt to 5700xt

    I updated to Big Sur 11.4, to use my 6900xt but Did not see any performance improvement in FCPx compared to 5700xt, and my vega x64 was actually faster than 5700xt. any recommendations? upgraded from Catalina to big sur from the appstore after updating open core to 0.7
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    [Solved] Audio Really low after restart

    EDIT: I unistalled Realtek and Nahimic Drivers from windows and Audio was fixed in Mac. Not sure how and why, if it gives error in windows withouth drivers will try reinstalling and see what works I updated to Big Sur from Catalina, after updating open core to 0.7. The audio worked fine till...
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    ASUS B550+ TUF Gaming S1200A No Audio

    I installed Realtek and Nahimic Driver from windows and audio was back to normal, try that. Same issue, it used to work before, I one day restarted from windows and Audio was gone, I can barely here from the front port but its really low to make any sense... It used to work fine in catalina
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    how to DUAL Vega 64

    How do i get FCPX and other mac os apps to use DUAL vega 64 ? I see not performance improvement in FCPX by adding a new gpu
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    Decrease in performance with 5700xt

    So 5700xt performs worse than vega 64 in FCPx? that is normal? Did not know that. I have added the vega 64 in the 2nd slot on my motherboard, what do you suggest I do, to get my mac to use vega 64 and not 5700xt
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    Decrease in performance with 5700xt

    I switched from 5700xt to vega 64 and I have noticed a decrease in performance in fcpx, I installed my hackintosh using the vega 64. Playback is choppier and render times have also increased. Ryzen 1700, Gigabyte x370, WD NVME 500GB, 64GB Corsair vengeance 2400Mhz
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