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    Months Stable Mojave Suddenly Freezing

    HW - 3950x - 4x32gb G Skill Ripjaws V RAM XMP 3200mhz - Gigabyte OC Vega 64 - Gigabyte X570 Aurus Master - Dedicated Sonnet Presto 10g ethernet card Setup has run stable for video editing for 6 months. Suddenly, during an imovie export, the whole system froze. Screen is visible and mouse is...
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    Cant install Mojave on new build - Keeps freezing

    I have started from scratch 3 times, gotten help from a techy friend, and searched forums but I've been at this for around 10 hours with no luck. I always get stuck at Lilu or HEPT with an error message. The install just freezes. Ive tried High Sierra and Mojave. Ive booted Legacy and UEFI. Ive...
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    High Sierra OpenCore Blinking Dash on Boot

    Followed Snazzy Labs guide on youtube to the T using Opencore. I get a blinking dash on boot. The only answer I found looking around was to enable ProvideConsoleGOP.But thats already enabled. Gigabyte X570 Aurus Master - 3950X - Sapphire Pulse 580 This is my first hackintosh. Any help here...
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