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  1. Jae

    [SOLVED] Audio devices are broken

    Greetings. I re-made a Hackintosh about a week ago and noticed my internal sound card (embedded on the motherboard) doesn't shows up in the control panel, only the audio through the Displayport of my GPU is showing (iShowU is to allow audio capture in OBS Studio). The thing is, with the...
  2. Jae

    BTRFS on MacOS Catalina

    Greetings. As said in my introduction, I am also a Linux user. While on this system, I usually use BTRFS for my storage disks and I wondered if I could access them on MacOS catalina. I saw the Fuse for MacOs project but it sadly doesn't supports BTRFS. Do anyone have a driver or even a software...
  3. Jae

    Greetings from France

    Greetings, I'm Jae and I'm from France. I am a developer who wants to know more about MacOS and how it works and because Mac hardware is too expensive, making a hackintosh is a good way to use the system. As I usually use Linux, I am a complete noob about Macs and how to do basic things on it...
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