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    Ryzen 3700X, MSI B450m Mortar Max, MSI Radeon RX5700 MECH OC, Catalina 10.15.4 / OC 0.5.8

    After tens of retries and premature reboots when originally loading the OS, I finally found a workaround that allowed me to successfully boot into my new Catalina install. My installation was getting stuck on 2 minutes then rebooting. Then, when I tried to boot into Catalina, it would show an...
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    OC 0.5.8 Catalina system crash after installation on first boot

    Hi guys, After loading 10.15.4 on to my newly formatted APFS partition, the computer restarted and proceeded to go into the first time boot. Just before the usual “welcome to Catalina” this screen popped up. Any idea how to fix or what the cause could be? I am running AMD Ryzen 3700x, Msi...
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